Thursday, 28 November 2013

End of an Era?

It nearly always happens this way with me when I embroider. Excitement at a new design and stitching those first stitches in virgin fabric.Intense concentration to do your best, extreme frustration when it doesn't go right. And then.................all of a sudden it's finished!

Welsh daffodil, pulled threads, satin stitch, long and short, stem and seeding.

Crown - pulled threads, stem, satin, french knots and round eyelets

Scottish thistle - stem, eyelets, mountmellick and shadow stitch

The completed sampler

Do you have the same roller coaster as you embroider?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Whitework symbols

At last you can see where this piece of whitework is going.

The Tudor rose is finished with a type of basket weave stitch in the centre

Tudor rose

The shamrock has trailing round the outside and a stem stitch round the pulled thread work. Now there is just the stem to complete it.

Irish shamrock

The thistle has eyelets for the cup that holds the flower and stem stitch outline.

Scottish thistle

Eyelet detail

The Welsh daffodil I hope to finish tomorrow and the crown in the centre has been started.

Hope I've not spoken too soon!