Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chair Seat

The cushion front is completed and waiting to be made up. So, keeping busy with jobs I have to do, I'm now working a chair seat cover for a friend. Sadly, not my own design, but one from Beth Russels's book of Morris inspired designs. This one is taken from Celandine.

It is worked on 14 count canvas with Appletons crewel wools

Starting at the centre.

Seems I can't get away from tent stitch this summer!

Progress after three days

At least I got a new large slate frame out of it!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Spacing and symmetry

Having done one side of the design last week, it is time to work the other and to try and make sure that they are symmetrical

After that, it's time to work the lettering in the ribbons. I laid out the motto on a drawing of the original design so that I could adjust the spacing and height of the letters. Then traced it onto tissue paper and worked through that in stem stitch.

Once it is complete the tissue paper can be torn away leaving the motto behind on the silk.

The hound above the helmet has some texture on the original, so I decided to long and short stitch it in a gold coloured thread to give the effect of a rough coat, then outline in pearl purl.

I think he's worked out OK and looks reasonably like a dog! Just one more motto in the top ribbon banner and that's it - ready to make up.

What's next on my list? I'm taking Tracy's example and working a waistcoat pattern from a waistcoat at the Met - that is when I've practiced my drawing a bit more!