Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Paths to Follow

I'm back home now after teaching Blackwork to members of the NE region of the Embroiderers Guild at their summer school in Wooler. A lovely group, they were so keen and such a pleasure to teach that the three days sped by as they took on the challenge of how to use traditional blackwork patterns.

Elizabethan Poesie - blackwork sampler

Most of the summer has been taken up with making sure everything was prepared for this as writing instructions are a whole new ball game. Then I have to get ready for the new term.

New Term? you might say. Oh yes! Never one to make snap decision, after not months but years of prevarication I finally took the plunge last autumn and applied to study as a Future Tutor with the Royal School of Needlework. I have been offered a place and my new journey begins next week.

I will have covered some of the work already on the certificate and diploma but there is plenty still left to do, and to share. I will be fortunate enough to work out of Durham still as Tracy has kindly agreed to mentor me with occasional trips to Hampton Court Palace

So from the law to hopefully becoming a professional embroiderer/teacher seems a bit of a leap and I am both excited and terrified probably in equal measure! But if I have half the fun and satisfaction I had this last weekend in Wooler I think I've made the right decision. As they say, watch this space