Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not everything goes to plan!

Okay doky! The burse is finished, so now I just have to do a matching veil.

                                                            Burse finished-neat hinge gal!

I suddenly thought that there will be a number of people out there who don’t have clue what these last couple of blogs have been about. Well, briefly, a veil covers the chalice on the altar at communion and a burse sits on top of it and holds a linen purificator.

I promised my local parish church that I would help them out and repair/replace some of their aging embroideries. There was no time limit but you know………….one of those things that is hanging round at the back of your mind and blocking your creative juices. So that is why I have to get on and finish this particular set.

I decided to replicate the embroidered cross on the burse in DMC in gold for the arms and rose for the central motif, then all outlined in gold passing. Have spent all today doing the rose and starting the arms of the cross in long and short stitch – and I don’t like it! The fabric is a woollen damask type weave and just doesn't take to single strand embroidery and life's just too short..................

                                                                     Crap photo too!

I think it will look better if the arms are appliquéd like the burse then the colour AND texture will match. So it’s a bit of reverse stitching for me tonight.

I go on holiday in 10 days and want this done before I go. I have already been filling my little notebook with ideas for new pieces so can use the peace and quiet of the Borders to take those further.

If you have a spare hour or two why not take a workshop with The Make District in Lancaster this Saturday-such cleverly crafty ladies! Tea and cake as well!

Oh well, must get on……..

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