Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More Couching

Here is the start of the new module – Applique.

Design tacked onto silk

Applique inspired by Baldishol Tapestry

Not a lot to show as yet, apart from the design and a few appliquéd pieces but I somehow think that this will keep me out of mischief for a wee while! The inspiration is the Norwegian Baldishol Tapestry - thought to date from about the same era as the more well known (in England!) Bayeux tapestry. Sadly only remnants remain in The Oslo Museum of Applied Art.

I am also back on the voluntary work – repairing the church furnishings. A pulpit fall that was used over Advent was noticed to be a little bit in need of repair.

Previous repair work and loose threads

Pulpit Fall

Loose threads where couching decayed

Previous repair
So it got brought home to see if I could do something with it! Only problem is…..Lent is in a fortnight . So here I am, trying to get that finished before

a)      the start of Lent and
b)      I really get busy with RSN work

Hence lack of blogs. Heh, ho back to couching………………………

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