Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Post Hols

Well that's it for a month or two holidays over and back to work. But at least the weather this year came up trumps especially the first weekend

Bamburgh Castle at its best
The fish weren't biting though (well only the tiddlers) so we did a bit of touring....

Jedburgh Abbey west door
going as far as Jedburgh where the Abbey has a superb new visitor centre with lots of interesting bits and pieces...........

Stone bosses - Jedburgh Abbey

I did take some wild orchids but sadly they haven't come out!

Suffice it to say that after a tasty week away it's back to the diet - but at least this is pretty good for breakfast!

Asparagus and egg - yummy diet!

We have been invited to some friends for a golden wedding drink and there was the age old problem of what to get for the people who have least I can offer something bespoke-ha! So I've done a little bee, slightly different from the last one I did. I'm thinking this would make a good kit with a little bit of adaptation

Gold bee

The little crewel bird is nearly finished but I am just not happy with it, so I'll leave it and have a think. The leaves are crowded and the head is not right. 

Little crewel bird

Do you have a separate pile of things you have started and fallen out with? I'm determined that I will not leave it altogether and hopefully inspiration will come after a while. Maybe just a change of stitch...?

In the meantime there's always something else to do. Like getting ready for the summer intensive at Tracy's.So I'm off to stitch the sun.............outside!

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