Thursday, 15 August 2013


Finished piece.
Well here we are, the finished piece. Lots of hard work and not a few tantrums (my husband calls me Violet Elizabeth!). Now I have to leave it alone until next Wednesday when I see Tracy Franklin.

My little snail
I chose to do a little canvas work snail rather than trailing for the shell. Somehow, going round and round just didn't look right for this piece.

Full head of hair now!
You'll see the butterfly is also a bit unreal, but that is the spirit of 17th century stumpwork I say!....and she finally got to the hairdressers for her extensions.

and we have fruit in our hand.
The picture if you remember was part of five unworked panels in the Met from their embroidery collection. All drawn out for making into a box, it was based around allegories of the five senses. There is Hearing with her guitar and Smell with a flower. I would assume this is Taste about to bite into a nice juicy cherry or apple.Any other ideas?  She still looks very Moll Flanders to me.

Now I'm off to do my mock up for some work I've got and draw up my white work ideas.


  1. Well done! Milady is beautiful as is her environs. I hope you are VERY proud of your accomplishment...gorgeous.

  2. Milady-ha I like it! Thanks Erica, I'm glad you like her. Bit of a change now I hope. :)