Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Clearing up and moving on

As usual, over the summer I try to clear up those half finished things that have been put to one side. Very often, a period away from a piece gives you a new perspective. Remember the blue leaves that I began at the beginning of the year? I had come to a grinding halt on the stem. I originally wanted to work it in block shading up the stem but it had a curl there. Now I know why most pieces have straight stems! It went in and out three times! I couldn't get the right angle at all. Away it went. One more defeat and I submitted to stem stitch shading.

Blue Leaves Crewel

Once over the hurdle I cracked on and it is now waiting to be mounted. Same with the little Jacobean bird. His head was just WRONG. I posted a picture on Facebook and here is where the global community of stitchers came to my aid. Jessica Grimm suggested a small alteration to the line of his head and whoopee he looks so much better.

Jacobean Bird

Now I'm ready to start my new term with Tracy A Franklin. It is the last module for my  RSN Diploma (I passed the stumpwork module by the way :)
I'll be doing whitework, another new subject for me so no doubt a few traumas await!

In the meantime, I need a new needlecase, so with a nod to my Durham school and the ongoing Lindisfarne Gospel exhibition I thought I would translate one of the carpet pages into canvas work.

New needlcase

Can you guess which one it is?

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