Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mrs Delaney's Courtdress sampler complete.

Well, I got there in the end and I must say I'm quite pleased with the result. I learnt a lot, - you can make a tight turn with silk shading, and you can do small shapes and to replicate botany you need to be a botanist, which I'm not! I used three shades of green DMC, pale grey and pale blue, pink and lavender, four shades of red and a brown for the shading. I could have used twice as many, but I had deliberately restricted my palette.

The finished poppy
Small spray of pale blue flowers
It is my take on a historic piece of embroidery, not a replica. I only had a photo to follow and have never studied the dress and I did it for me to practice embroidery that might be used on clothing. I'm glad I persevered, that's something I've got better at, so onto the next sampler.

Spray of sweet peas
This will go into my little book of samplers that I'm making for C&G. Now I'm off to Pinterest to see what takes my fancy.......


  1. It does look lovely, and it is certainly a great success as a sampler. I'm sure your C&G teache1r will be asking you for ideas for extensions and other pieces or techniques in the same vein...

  2. Thanks Rachel I will point your suggestion out to my C&G teacher, she certainly won't let me slack! :)

  3. It is absolutely amazing!!! Congrats
    I do love the shade you have chosen it is to much to ask for the Dmc numbers have you used?

    1. Hi Graciela Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry I don't have the numbers it was a very quick study I did with left over threads. They are coppery tones with dark brown for the centre not black. Hope this helps a bit. Pippa

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