Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Life after fine whitework!

Mm, I haven't posted for some time, and time as they say goes so quickly.

Well I have been doing some embroidery over the last few months, so where was I?

I had just about finished my fine whitework piece and getting it ready for assessment, then there was an 'issue'! Let's just say that it necessitated redoing the whole thing! And I didn't think you wanted to go through the whole process again. Bad enough for me! It's now finished mounted and in for the next assessment... But I forgot to photograph it. You know how it is, you just want to see the back of something!!

In the meantime, I am teaching a blackwork class at the NE region of the Embroiderers Guild summer school later in the summer. So I have been preparing for that.

Playing with Pattern
Worked on either 28 or 32 count evenweave linen with DMC stranded cottons, there's also a hint of bling with DMC Diamante!

A touch of gold!

Based on Tudor embroidery motifs, it shows how you can use pattern as well as thread to achieve depth in a piece. I've just got the instructions to do now but I did also do a handy sampler to help with that!

Blackwork sampler

Nice to revisit techniques.

There is more to reveal but that is for another post!


  1. That sounds like a truly hair-raising "issue" to which the word "catastrophe" might have been more appropriate! So glad to hear it has been dealt with...!

  2. Hope so, Rachel. We'll soon find out