Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I started working a beadwork sampler at the end of last year, after I finished my Magna Carta panel.

I used Shelley Cox's RSN Bead Embroidery book to work these samples with canvas work stitches. The beads are fairly random - what I had or got hold of locally. It is quite difficult locally to get hold of a nice variety of very small seed beads, the internet has loads but can be a bit bewildering until you know what you want.

The top three are the first ones I did and the bottom three the last and I think you can definitely see an improvement as I went along! The threads were just left overs that I pulled out and tried to blend. Again, some I'm quite pleased with. I had no idea about mixing bugle and seed beads before I started but it's nice to let patterns make themselves.

I have a huge problem with sampling. I can't seem to let myself go and try things at random. This gave me a pathway that I meandered down at leisure over a few months. Will have to see if that works with other techniques!!

Complete finished sampler

Rice stitch and Smyrna

Hungarian Ground variation
The Rhodes stitch is the only one in a solid colour - I had an idea of doing a Chanel inspired sample. The four corners even have pearl seed beads as an extra layer!

Rhodes stitch

Wild goose chase

Cushion stitch  


  1. These are lovely. I'd love to see some of these ideas extended and adapted further.

    I think sampling and experimenting become easier if you give yourself a framework. Restrictions of various types add impetus to invention.

  2. VERY creative! I love the mix of stitches, threads and sizes/shapes of beads.

  3. These samples are lovely, I particularly like the white combination. I am looking around for canvas work inspiration as that will be my next module at the RSN. I have really enjoyed reading some of your posts.

  4. Thank you so much Deborah. Good luck with your next module.

  5. Beautiful Embroidery Digitizing design and I want to appreciate you're work (Y)