Sunday, 20 December 2015

First term with the RSN

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, it's been a bit hectic!

But here's what I've been up to this first term of my course. First I did my individual samples of the whitework module - can't seem to get away from whitework!

Pulled thread work 



These have all gone for assessment now, but there are another three to finish, then phew! At the same time I have been plodding along with advanced silk shading. I did a figure for my Diploma but also have to do an animal so here is my red squirrel. His hands are still to complete and I've to 'fluff' him up a bit more. But I must say I have learnt so much from doing him.

Squirrel almost there

And that's just the embroidery! Now for a short break then back to it. Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year


  1. He's a lovely squirrelly squirrel!

  2. Your Mountmellick piece is lovely. Makes me want to get a closer look.

  3. Beautiful Embroidery Digitizing work and I really appreciate it for sharing :)