Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Stitching

Well I got the pulpit fall done just in time for Lent - I was hemming the lining back on on the Tuesday, just before Ash Wednesday, but we got there.

Not much seems to be happening with the Applique. I have embroidered the pillars in the style of Durham Cathedral - a nod to the city I'm taught in - and there will be other Durham references later on. At least I think I now have a plan of work and the order it will be done in so hopefully there will be more to see in the next week or so. I had a really bad day yesterday and spent six hours at Tracy's working on the embroidering the capitol of the pillars only to decide that it would all have to be redone. Sometimes that's just the way it goes and one thing you have to learn is not to become frustrated - it is quite normal and happens to EVERYBODY.

Embroidered Pillars

However, I have been getting on with the new crewel work design I began. Sometimes it is just better to go with what you are happy in. You can think about the embroidery and the stitch almost by second nature and it becomes soothing when you cannot concentrate on something new. Yes I have assessed this and reverse stitched where I had to but I cannot do up and down like a yo yo cutting and stitching when my head is somewhere else.

I've just about finished the flower head now so now we're onto the middle section.

Upper section of flower

Long and short shading, coral stitch and seeding

Fishbone stitched leaf

Fishbone stitch leaf

Padded satin stitch and shaded bullion knots

So I have at least done something this week now I've just to sort out the applique..............

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