Thursday, 21 February 2013

Getting Back on Track

Yep, I'm back on track. I had to physically cover up the Crewel work and move it out of sight - and temptation - so that I could concentrate on the task in hand. But I'm getting on with my homework!

Padding for capitals

After padding out the area at the top of the pillars - the capitals - I finished off the pieces that will cover them and which I was struggling with last week!

It was then onto a nightmare! The border at the foot of my design. It had looked so naive when I started, a doddle ( well not a doddle, this is RSN but you know what I mean). I hate jigsaws after 5 minutes and cutting out small patterns and what am I doing? The tiniest, multicoloured, multi-layered pattern you could devise!! NOW you know why I couldn't get motivated.

Just bondaweb it all on and then embroider it said Tracy. I've had a headache all week. I had pots and dishes all over with correct pieces, waste pieces, backing paper, tracing paper. I lost pieces, they attached themselves to the dogs. It all sounds so easy but in reality is a bloody nightmare.

Anyway here is the result - I think I'd rather try marquetry which I reckon it looks like. And if I have to do it again because I or Tracy is not happy with it I think I'll have a complete Violet Elizabeth tantrum!

Border panel of multi-coloured silk pieces
Detached fly stitch as edging for applique.

The finials and ribbons will be all edged in detached fly and the long scroll in a different stitch mainly so the the whole thing does not become over fussy. Just keep everything crossed with me that it doesn't all go horribly wrong......

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