Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ups and Downs

We all have them. Those days (or weeks) when just about everything you do does not go as you want it to.I seemed to be making progress with the applique. Got the carpet felt and felt on for the horse so he is looking quite good...

Horse motif
and I completed the scroll panel. I does look a little puckered in places but I have blocked it out and will see if that helps, then it is up to Tracy (and me) to see if it meets the RSN exacting standards.

Scroll motifs-fly stitch edging.
Now I have to cover the horse in silk then I can move on to the knight. Except, that before I put the horse silk on I have to do eighteen little spots that will sit on the silk. So, here I am all this week, doing French knots onto felt that I can then cut out and attach before the silk can cover the horse!

French knot spots (say that fast)
However, the crewel work is not going - at all! There is one leaf that at the moment has defeated me and I can't get the angle right. But I won't be beaten. I've put it down and will come back to it later fresh and after some thought and research.

Goldwork flower
In the meantime, I did this little abstract for a class I am holding for beginners. Tried to keep it simple but interesting, so that the students can achieve something - then want to do more.

And finally, I got back my angel from assessment. I got a good mark and should be pleased but the catalogue of errors I'd made made me feel thoroughly depressed. Some I knew of and they will undoubtedly come with experience. Others, no matter how hard I try I can never get right - does anyone mount successfully I wonder or am I particularly stupid? And then there were those that seemed as if a laser had gone in on my work - which I suppose it had.

I am pleased and am on track but should we say the shine went off the goldwork there and then! Still there's always the next module to aim for.

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