Thursday, 21 March 2013

Seeing spots

As you can see I haven't been asleep for the last few weeks, even though the weather might definitely be tempting me to hibernation! We are making progress - but oh so slowly. I'm just glad I'm not doing this on an intensive fortnight.

The yellow felt spots definitely did not work, and in the end I just bit the bullet and embroidered onto the silk. As you can see they seem to look OK (forgive the carpet felt on the photos-it goes everywhere but fortunately disappears when covered up).

So the horse is now nearly complete. Just the front hooves to attach and the ears - one of which is to be free standing so a bit more fiddling with tiny shapes! The saddle cloth has trailing for the stripes and there is the cantle to do in white kid leather

Spots-French knots outlined with chain stitch

I can now move on to the knight. 

Ready to trot on
 His boot will be black leather and his armour is a bit of needlace-single brussels for those who are interested. I've put on a thin layer of carpet felt and will build that up as I work him. I'm just not sure about the face whether to do it a la stumpwork as a slip or just attach it in situ. I'm still thinking about that.

Hooves attached with satin stitch
 Oh and there are more spots...........and more.................and more yet to do. Yep, I really must be dotty!

Just a few spots yet
 But a bit more news about the blackwork. Having been on show at the RSN Exhibition in Glasgow where Helen McCook teaches, she's now off to Chelsea, London for another embroidery show the RSN are exhibiting work at. All I can say is I wish I was as well travelled.

Needlelace Jerkin

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