Thursday, 25 April 2013

A tail, an ear and an arm....

Okay, I've been very quiet for the last month or so. I could say that it is the intense concentration needed for my applique but I'd be lying!

It's just been a case of prioritising. I left the mundane job in December to concentrate on my embroidery. Then what happens, you get sidetracked. I have been doing a preparing to teach course to give me some confidence/backup in order to tutor students. It has been good to do but very intensive squashed into 12 weeks. I'd forgotten how to write essays ( or rather times change!)

I've had a couple of workshops and been doing my own designs …........oh and the applique. Now that too has been intense and a huge project. I think the 'What would you do differently' part of my evaluation will read – pick another design.

Tracy did warn me there was a lot to do, but I was so confident. And now it goes on and on, but nothing much seems to change. Even though I have embroidered enough spots for the 101 dalmations. 

And I'd got some lovely fabric for the
knight 's armour -alright it is nylon- but then I was doing needlace -for the first time - in metal thread!

Chainmail in DMC Diamante -single brussels stitch.

I will be finding bits of shapes, leg, bridle all round the house for years ( I think I've lost half the fabric I had ) and don't get me going on the bits I cut out facing the wrong way! And the puckering...................Violet Elizabeth comes to mind. After stitching the whole panel down I wasn't happy. So it came back off and I mounted it on card. It's to stitch back down. The only thing now is the horse's hooves. They should sit on top of the panel but now the heights don't match up. Ah problem, problems!

Border now mounted on card-what about the hooves?

Well now we're on the homeward stretch. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting nearer. The teaching course is nearly finished and only a handful of spots left to do and some cording - oh and an ear, and a tail, and an arm...................!

Applique based on May panel from Baldishol tapestry

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