Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sun's out and all's well................

The sun is here, we're looking forward to summer and itchy for a new project. The garden is starting to look pretty and heh, after five years even my erythroniums decided to put on a good show!

Erythronium-White Beauty

The applique module for the RSN is very nearly finished - just a few bits of trim to add. And I had my micro teach session this week (hardly got past the threading of a needle!) so as a bit of r&r I started something new. Yes I know I should finish one thing first, but this is a quicky and I find crewel so soothing.

Jacobean bird on linen twill

This is a little bird I drew up after I'd helped out the village craft group. Just a few stitches and not too complicated! And here are the colours.........

Lovely, lovely Appleton's crewel wools.

I'm just doing it on a hoop, so I've covered the linen with a little cling film to help keep it clean. I started with a little laid work and some french knots - two wraps. But didn't like those - too heavy and clunky, so took it out and did one wrap instead and it looks much better

French knots-two wraps

French knots-one wrap
I'm pondering the wing now, but while I think I'll do a little long and short on the oak leaves. Any ideas just let me know.....................

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