Wednesday, 29 May 2013

More progress.

So, moving on from where we were in my last post. I worked the scrolls in a DMC Diamante thread doubled in the needle. I decided on  Hungarian braided chain stitch, courtesy of Mary Corbet's You Tube posts, as it gave the texture but was not as complicated as trying to work out Elizabethan plaited braid. One day I'll get to grips with historic stitches!

Hungarian braided chain stitch
After the scrolls, it was time to do the needlelace petals for the strawberry flower....

Fiddly or what?

One down and five to go

Completed flower with French knots in centre.
Now it's onto the leaves which are embroidered wire slips.....

Embroidered slip

 I must say it's all proving a valuable testing ground for the stumpwork module in July.

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