Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ground Hog Day?

You know those jobs you work round rather than just getting on and tackling? Well one of mine had to be done today. Plinths.

'What?' you might ask?


Each pillar on the applique has a base and a capital and three plinths at the joins. So that is six to do altogether. These things are fiddly, but being for my module, still need to look good.

First you take your silk...

then you attach some Bondaweb on the rear.

Trace off and cut out your shape in pelmet Vilene to give it some stiffness, and then draw round the Vilene shape onto the Bondaweb adding a 5mm border to fold over later.

Cut it out and peel off the Bondaweb and press with an iron preferably under some tissue paper.....and hey presto you have your own little Elastoplast!

Now if you're not familiar with Bondaweb you may well ask how to I stop the plaster from sticking to the tissue paper/iron/board whatever. Mine did the first time I used it like this. 

Tip: Use silicone baking paper, yeh. It peels off and leaves some glue ready to fold over the Vilene.

Just glue the long edge - quick press of the iron - and then lace the round ends to make it smooth.

Magic, one down, five to go. The problem, as you can see, is the size of each of these things. Fingers just seem to get in the way! Once I had them all - I had to do them in one go or I'd never do them! - it was time to pad with felt.......

and then attach them with tiny stab stitches.Fortunately, through the whole process I had Kate Sinton's Stumpwork book (part of the RSN Essential Stitch Guides series) which explained covering Vilene

And here's what the pillar looks like now with them on..........

Now all I have to do is embroider more spots on each plinth. Ground hog day?

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