Monday, 7 October 2013


You will remember that I said last post that I am doing City & Guilds mainly for the design elements. Well this weekend I was doing a spot of mark making. Only problem was, like a toddler, I ended up covered in paint - and blue is a strong pigment! Wouldn't come off my hands. so no more whitework for a day or two! But at least I have a nice leaf print.

Fig Leaf print

Today, I did 'other things'. I've been asked to exhibit at a small village art show but I have to produce a piece based around Skipton Castle and Bolton Abbey. So here it is or part of it. This is taken from a medieval seal of one of the owners of the castle, and there will be the castle and the Priory church on it as well. Only thing is it is another knight on horseback (at least I know what I'm doing there).

Seal of William de Fortibus

I've also got to finish my creative metal thread sampler from Tracy Franklin's workshop.

Metal Thread Sampler

In the meantime I thought one or two of the samples would make some nice accessories for the Christmas fair at church.

Burden stitch in DMC Diamante

Plenty to work the blue paint off anyway-ha!

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