Friday, 18 October 2013


Thought I had better post some update on my progress with my work!

As you can see the picture below does not look a lot like whitework. This is the knight I'm doing and at least he moves on visibly. Just the final bits to add on and the writing to embroider around the figure and he's ready for the village hall.

Knight coming on

No, the ? relates to these two photos. I padded out the outer petals with split stitch ready to satin stitch over them and do long and short for the leaves. I cannot tell you how long the satin stitch took me in single strand DMC trying to keep a neat edge...........

Satin stitch over split stitch padding

.........and then making sure those angles were OK.

Satin Stitch and long and short stitch

So now onto the inner petals - double padding and more satin stitch. Then just some knotted stitches for the border drawn threads. Methinks this could be a marathon!

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