Friday, 21 March 2014

Big Foot

I finally completed the padding and felting, so could start on the tasty bit! Over the string and felt of the feet I stitched some black leather to make the webbed skin and then couched two threads of lurex backwards and forwards over the string padding under the leather for the bones in the foot.

I know this is a stylised bird, but they are huge feet!

Gilt leather was then applied for the head in two pieces with a small piece of white leather for the eye. In the eye I stitched with invisible thread in straight stitch and then applied a small bead.

Finally, I had my first go at working with broad plate for his top 'feathers'. I'm not exactly happy with the plate, it needs to be spaced a bit better at a less acute angle so I'll probably do this again. He's certainly a bit of a 'blingy' bird!
Shiny, shiny!

1 comment:

  1. He's going to be a very blingy bird indeed - but also a wonderful sampler of techniques!