Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Outlining the motifs

Having framed up I made a start today on the Gawthorpe Sweete Bag, stitching round the outline of all the motifs in tent stitch. Once this is complete, then I can start the filling in in colour and  metal threads.

I also got some more passing threads today. I had originally thought that No 4 smooth passing would be OK ( Jacqui Carey recommended this). But as I am doing tent stitch not Gobelin or any other ground stitch it needed something finer. So I got some No 3, and hooray, it looks OK and works up well. 

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Phew, to crack on then!


  1. The tent stitch edging will help to support all the fillings as well, won't it...

  2. Not sure it does much supporting, rather highlights it all, like a cartoon. Also I suppose thread doesn't wear away like ink marks do, so less chance of losing the pattern. It's a bit of a pain to do all the scrolls bits and some parts just need a light touch.
    All the best