Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Progress report

Just a quick post to show you my progress.

I've almost finished the scrolls and the green seems to have dampened some of the brightness of the motifs' colours.

I haven't yet re-stitched the cornflower as I'm waiting for some more silks but I'm on track so far.
Fingers crossed! If I can begin the passing thread background by next week I'll be happy.

Tomorrow I'm off to Durham and Tracy's for some r&r!
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  1. Congratulation on finishing your Diploma course and wishing you lots of success in all you do with your needles :)
    By the way this one is beautiful and is really having that old feeling .Renata

  2. Thank you Renata, keeping everything crossed :)))

  3. I'm not sure I would call one of Tracy's courses "R&R" - I remember working quite hard! Still, it's very nice to have only one thing to concentrate on...