Monday, 5 May 2014

And then there were problems!

I knew there would be problems and sure enough......! I had to do a row of chevrons on either side of the design. On the photo below it looks as though there is a side panel but on iinspecting the bag it is all flat on the front.

I had drawn the chevrons as part of the design but as you can see they didn't quite match up. So I 
zoomed in on the photo and worked out the number of stitches. Fine. The problem came when I tried to set it in the fabric. Perhaps it would have been quicker if there had been no design lines there. Still, it's sorted now....

....and so is the cornflower I think after I adapted the shape and reversed the colour combination. Little things make such a difference.

I've part of the last rose to do tomorrow and then I start with the passing.

Fingers, toes and everything crossed!


  1. This looks like a very complicate job but I think will be worth by the end. Looking forward to see the final project probably will be a perfect replica only just a bit more new looking .

  2. Better uncross fingers at least before you start stitching!