Saturday, 17 May 2014

Another little hiccup

I finished the golden roses, in straight gilt passing and added some gilt purls for the stamens in the centre.

Then I started on the pink rose. The outer petals are silver passing and the 
inner are detached corded Brussels, silk thread over a metal cord. Then I posted on social media and asked for opinions and I had the lightbulb moment. Doh, there is a metal wrapped silk thread - Gilt Sylke twist made for a American embroidery project and now commercially available. I've sent for some to see what it works up like for this. I would like to keep the colours in the flowers as it really makes them come to life.

So, today I'm going to make the braid for the handle and the silk lining. And hope that the threads arrive in time!


  1. Gilt Sylke Twist is interesting stuff to work with - have fun!

  2. Interesting sounds like I should be worried! Any tips, Rachel?