Friday, 23 May 2014

Closing moves

I haven't got the gilt Sylke twist I ordered in time, but a friend has sent me some blue, a pink and a green, so I decided to go ahead with what I had. And yes it makes a difference. The photos don't really show the gilt wire around the silk core but having that there makes the petals a lot more self supporting. I didn't need to use the passing thread for a supporting cord, I used the GST.

And yes it is an interesting thread to use! I read Tricia's advice on the Thistle Threads site, did a sample or two and just ploughed ahead! It is REALLY springy, but I found that if you keep it under a light tension that helps to prevent it snagging and breaking too much. I will definitely come back to it and explore it some more.

The cornflowers were a pig to do, up and down, up and down, now it is just to assemble. The cord handle is made and a lovely volunteer at Gawthorpe Textiles - Dianne Derbyshire - has made some lace for around the opening. There is no drawstring and no sign of any tassels so none of them to make. Here's hoping no more hiccups.


  1. If you get a low side light on the gilt sylke twist it will show up the metal thread beautifully. It positively sparkles!

  2. Saw your lovely Sweet Bag on FB, great that I have found your Blog ! All your works are so beautiful !

  3. Thank you so much Francesca for your lovely comments