Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fishy Tales!

Having completed the central elements, apart from the hound that I'm thinking about, I've moved onto the supporting dolphins. The crown is known as a celestial crown and has stars at the top of each point. These I've just done in DMC Diamante thread in straight stitches to keep the look light and in proportion.

The dolphins has black silk satin stitched eyes and nostrils and his scales are laid and couched gilt passing

His gills are pearl purl laid in a zig zag pattern. The thread has a stitch holding it at each turning point and then gently manipulated round the turns. Then the whole shape is outlined with the pearl purl.

Once the tail is done - more tight turns! - it's one down and one more to go.

Lettering next!


  1. That dolphin is a very fine fellow indeed!

  2. The dolphin is very cool. Beautiful curves in the pearl purl in such a tiny space.