Friday, 20 June 2014

What now?

Having finished the Sweete Bag for Gawthorpe Hall it was time to take some R&R and where better than the Scottish Borders.

We really were this close to the Tweed, England is the opposite bank, and in the midst of Reiver country. Mark took fishing rods, I took embroidery and even the dogs were quiet.

Back home I dragged out the trusty turn to project - a pair of slippers for Mark that I have been embroidering forever. They've even been to the Borders a couple of years ago!

I'd completed one foot and was determined to complete the other

And weh heh, only about 8 rows to go. Now just to decide how to turn them into slippers!

As well as these I am doing a private commission, and will be embroidering a pair of canvas work chair seats for a friend. But then....

I want to return to my sampler book of historic embroidery, remember Mrs Delaney's flower? So I will probably do some goldwork this time, maybe on velvet? And I need to think of the cover for the sampler book. (Get your ideas down in a sketchbook girl!) Oh, and I've to frame up for fine whitework with Tracy and then Christmas is coming up, and the church Fair..............

No chance of getting bored then!

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  1. I've never heard of an embroiderer getting bored - we always have too many projects on the go!