Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jolly Hols

Home, home from the hols and back to it. You might know that not all went to plan and whilst I took the slippers with me, hey ho they did not get finished. Problem is they’ve been through floods, removals all sorts. Needless to say, they are not set up as they would have been if I was starting them now so the canvas is somewhat distorted!! However, since I’ve got back I’ve just about got one foot done and we’re onto the next.

I took some time out to think about where I am at the moment and what I really want to do. So while I keep thinking, I will share some pictures with you all and you will see that I was thinking about shape and form as well as having a laugh!! 

The dogs enjoyed their holiday too!

We went down to Alnwick to the gardens and whilst the day started fine....................... ended up the wettest day of the whole fortnight

Alnwick high street  28th June 2012

These next photos are of the stone carvings at Dryburgh Abbey near Kelso. It's a beautiful spot with a fantastic setting-a sort of Fountains Abbey in the Borders. Burial place of Sir Walter Scott and Earl Haigh too.

Orchids in the Bamburgh dunes

And yes we did have some fantastic weather too


Tweed at Coldstream

Sadly the Tweed was too high for fishing - especially for such beginners!

So now its back to work again fully refreshed and with lots of ideas in my little notebook just need to turn them into embroideries!

PS Just thought you’d be pleased to know I’ve passed my Blackwork module for the RSN- 2 down……………

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