Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Moving On

Well, the burse and veil are finito and packed up ready to be dispatched to their new home. I can’t emphasise what a weight off my shoulders this is. As you probably guessed from my list of things to finish over the summer I was not known to finish what I started. I’m one of those people who goes off something when it doesn’t all go as planned, puts it in the cupboard and ‘forgets’ about it. Well no more! Doing the RSN certificate and diploma makes you finish a module for assessment and the bottom line is it aint cheap so you have motivation to get on. Learning self discipline is good for the soul!

Now the slippers are progressing nicely but canvas work can be a bit relentless, so I’ve pulled out a piece of crewel work that is so nearly complete and when it is, it will be ready to turn into a cushion.


                                                                   Jacobean Crewel work

The design is based on a traditional Jacobean design pricked onto linen twill and worked with Appleton’s crewel wools. The stitches have been chosen pretty randomly as the work progressed but include long and short, stem, buttonhole, chain, closed fly, seeding, French knots, bullion knots, Pekinese, whipped spiders web, raised stem, satin and padded satin.

I can swap these turn and turn about without too much trouble as they are both on frames that can sit on my trestles. When it comes to turning the crewel into a cushion and I get my machine out I have another piece of crewel to make up so will kill two birds with one stone and another unfinished piece will come out of the cupboard. THEN I can move onto something new!

For your delectation I took these lovely Madonna Lilies just at their peak before the rain got them. I suppose if I look back at the photos I can imagine summer was actually here this year! Could even turn them into a silk shading………………

                                                                    Madonna Lilies

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