Sunday, 15 July 2012

Keeping Busy

First foot

The slippers progress slowly, I have actually finished this one and started on the second, but I can’t stop thinking of new ideas at the same time. The next ‘little’ task to get out of the way is a crewel work cushion that has been on the go since I finished my crewel module at Tracy Franklin’s. Anyway I now have an incentive to finish it and make it up as a raffle prize for an event coming up.

That should take me towards the end of the summer and then its getting ready for the RSN Advanced Goldwork. I’ve already decided on a basic design inspired by the late Beryl Dean. I love the way she worked traditional stitchery but in a very contemporary design.

I started out doing the certificate wanting to embroider ‘like they used to do’ with some idea of sitting in window seats with my linen and silks!! But I’ve come to the conclusion that embroidery is like gardening. You start with good basics and it develops from there. It is always developing and it should be personal not a pastiche. Putting the right stitches in the right place is like finding the right plant for a particular spot. You can be totally whacky and wild or nod to historic pieces.

Talking of gardening, the roses are FINALLY out and not blown by the rain/wind. I just had to grab these and get them in a vase and the smell is divine

Roses and Lady's Mantle

Anyway back to the slippers...............................

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