Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Good Works?

No, I’ve not been away and not blogging. I’ve been giving a hand to building a carport – literally. I didn’t build much but you know when you need that extra hand to hold something whilst you get the level. I was the third and fourth hand!

I’ve also gone back to that bad old habit of opening my mouth before engaging brain. Yes, I’ll do some repairs on ……………., (bugger my own work). But I can’t really complain as doing repairs on church furnishings is also a good learning experience. This is some gold work that had threads literally hanging off. As it is part of an altar set that is used nearly every week it was only going to get worse.

 Threads before work started

When I came to start the repair it was obvious that at some time the piece had been repaired already and placed on new backing fabric. Sadly, and I’m not being horrid, the repairs were not very good and in an assortment of threads but the piece is getting so fragile it was best to stabilise it and leave it at that. To take out the old repairs would have been a marathon job and probably damaged the gold threads which were already very worn.

Some of previous repairs

So I began, having photographed some of the loose threads. The only thing was that as I worked more of the original silk thread collapsed so quite a bit turned into a lot of stitching that is why I’ve ended up with what I call Gold work Finger

Not Bond's Goldfinger!

 I can’t work with a metal thimble as I like to feel what I am doing. If I ever find a leather finger cover I’d try that but in the meantime I have to put up with hot sore finger ends. Still it’s all for the greater good and all that. And maybe it’ll help to harden them up before I start my next RSN module!

Embroidery after repairs completed

This coming week I will start to prepare my frame for going back to Tracy Franklin’s. I’m so excited to be getting back to it.

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