Friday, 31 August 2012

New Term

So far, so good. I have had a really productive summer and can say that this vacation I have actually finished more things than I started. When I made my list at the beginning of the holiday I would have been glad to get one or two things out of the way. Instead I am really proud to say that I have finished two major things, one is nearly finished and I completed a substantial repair job. AND I did not start anything new (even though I was mightily tempted!)

This last week I have been slogging away at the old man’s slippers – ho, they’re tedious sometimes but I am determined they will be on his feet come New Year if not earlier.
I have also been preparing myself for the new term at Tracy Franklin’s. For those of you who are not familiar with the way we prepare for the RSN course here it is in pictures and you will probably understand why it is a good idea to get ready early if you can. If not, the preparation of your frame can take up nearly all of your first day on the course.

String backstitched down side of calico

Calico being attached to frame webbing

String attached to side of frame tightens everything

The finished frame ready for fabric to be attached

Added to all that I unrolled the silk dupion I had bought for the piece and it had been folded –aargh! A bit of judicious ironing did not remove the fold mark but as it is fortunately a fat quarter I think I can cut enough without having the mark across the face of my embroidery. Heh ho, c’est la vie.

My design is drawn out just ready to get the correct size and then be traced and transferred. And I can’t wait to get going again. I hope to keep you posted with my progress as I go along.

I’ve also been thinking about Christmas; well something small to do on the sofa in an evening really can’t hurt, can it…………….

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