Thursday, 6 September 2012

So Good To be Back........

Yes! I started back for a new term at Tracy Franklin’s doing the RSN Advanced Goldwork for my Diploma and it is so good to be back under direction again. As those of you who follow me will know, I am working on a design by Beryl Dean that I have been given permission to use.

I’d already got the calico on the frame and the silk mounted so I only had to prick and pounce the design on and draw it on the silk then I was off.

The brief this time allows you to use different coloured metal threads so I think I will be mixing some silver, gold and copper to get a nice depth to the piece. I have already appliquéd on some organdie where the angel’s wings are going to be and this will give a nice sheer base to the wings.

Advanced Goldwork - organdie applique

My homework this week is to get the carpet felt attached on the torso and built up around the shoulders and where the arms are folded to get some shape there and then to attach the felt over it. I’ve got some black leather – kinky! – for the body which I might or might not get on as we are back next week and I’m off out this weekend.

As I mentioned in my last post, thoughts are already turning to the seasonal period. Well we crafties have to think ahead! I dug out a lovely book I have called Creative Embroidery Techniques Using Colour Through Gold by Daphne Ashby and Jackie Woolsey –bit of a mouthful!-and had a go at one of their ideas - with a bit of adaptation. It is really effective and quite easy to think of different ways to combine stitches and colours – I think it makes me experiment outside my comfort zone as I am not naturally blingy. However, I think this little experiment looks quite Byzantine or at least that’s what I tell myself.

New Ideas

Anyway, back to the real deal – and heavenly inspiration!.......................

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