Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Alternative Therapy

Just thought I’d do a little extra blog this week as I have run out of passing thread and am waiting for some more to arrive in the post.

So, it’s my day off from work and I am feeling like c..p – sore throat, sniffles etc. I’ve been telling myself for a couple of weeks that it is hay fever but really I am just run down and need to recharge the old battery (probably needs a replacement but don’t tell). I should be doing the leather on my angel but am avoiding it like the plague as I have to ‘manipulate’ it to fit the raised body. Sounds easy peasy, no? Well, my knarled old fingers don’t do manipulation like they used to, let me tell you. I am therefore finding any and every excuse to do something else.

And I just felt like a treat so did some home baking therapy. Would have gone in the garden but it’s about 20 below out there and raining so not the best tulip bulb planting weather.

Sad looking garden in need of a tidy :(

How is it that some days you get everything organised and ready and it all just goes haywire. And other days a little idea pops into your head, you set off all haphazardly and it all goes perfectly. That’s how it has gone today. I wasted the morning messing about and then started and in a couple of hours I have produced ginger biscuits, Anzacs, flapjack and 2 lovely date and walnut loaves. Wham, bang one after the other mixing the next whilst one thing was in the oven. If I was doing it for a fair or event I would have produced one sad Victoria sponge!

Mmmm ..........yum!

I now feel as though I have achieved something with my day – even though not what I intended this morning – and the love of my life will be happy again now he can raid the cupboard and find something to eat.

Hey, maybe I’ll do some manipulation – there’ still enough light left……………

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