Monday, 17 September 2012

Learning New techniques

Yesterday we went to church and the burse and veil I made were blessed while the Bishop was making a visit.

Burse for Austwick church

 Everybody seemed to like it, so that was a huge relief, although I do hate having my name announced as the maker – so embarrassing. I like to just do things quietly/anonymously, although somebody would say that is false modesty or some such crap! Anyway, it’s now part of the furniture!

I spent the last week putting carpet felt on my angel then went to class and unpicked the ‘arms’ I had put on.

Thought I was doing OK.......!

I had to apply yellow felt to the torso first and then put on the carpet felt for the arms and cover them with yellow felt. A bit laborious you might say but it does look a lot smoother I’m sure you will agree.

Torso ready for leather

The torso and head are now ready to cover with leather and that is part of this week’s homework.

The other part is to continue with or nuè for the skirt. I started this in class on Wednesday. I am using No 6 Smooth silver passing and couching 2 threads/1 thread on alternate rows to get a pin stripe effect. 

Starting or nue

This is a technique totally new to me although I have obviously couched threads before. I suppose it is not as difficult as doing facial features but I am actually quite enjoying it and find it rather relaxing, not at all boring, especially once you get a rhythm going. Having said that I hope I don’t have to unpick any of it or I will still be doing this module next year!

I’ve also finished my little needlebook and am quite pleased, so will have a go a devising some pattern of my own design incorporating gold thread.

Close up of needlebook

Finished needlebook

Mark has already put in a request for a book cover in the technique – told him slippers first!

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