Friday, 28 September 2012

Enjoying myself

Well tomorrow we are back up to Northumberland for a little break and hopefully not swimming up there.

The embroidery frame is packed along with Mark’s fishing gear but before we left I thought I would share with you the progress so far.

I have nearly finished the or nue skirt and had left plunging all the silver passing threads until I had been up to Tracy’s and checked it was OK. In the clear, that left a lot of metal threads to plunge so that is mainly what I am doing.

Plunging has to be done!

However, I have also started to add some of the really ornamental threads and have begun on the large wings. I’m doing a mix of metal threads and colours of threads starting with silver on the outer edge and working in to copper next to the body couched down with gradually darkening Gutterman thread so that it will provide some depth to the image. It was like picking through a sweetie shop when Tracy got all her little packets of gold, silver and copper threads out for me to choose from. I now have quite a variety of twist, passing and rococo in assorted colours to mix and match.

Couching mixed threads

So that is my homework for this week to get as much of the wings done as I can then I can move on to laying some pearl purl over the top. Can’t wait……….

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