Friday, 21 November 2014

A stitchy tail...

I worked the tail feathers for the peacock in pulled thread stitches as one of the first things I did. Now it is time to define them with padded satin stitch and trailing.

Padded satin stitch 

And to work a centre feature with eyelets.

Ready to work the eyelets

Satin stitch complete

Continuous eyelets and working larger eyelets

Some of the larger eyelet holes will be filled in with Ayreshire needlelace fillings.


  1. This is so beautiful!! I can't wait to see the finish! Laura

  2. Thank you Laura, nearly there! :)

  3. Those padded sections make such a dramatic form, don't they!

  4. Rachel, he is starting to come out a bit now after all that trailing!