Monday, 17 November 2014

Watch the birdie!

Still a lot of trailing to go, but I can now also work on the body of the peacock.
The main body is worked in 60/2 cotton lace thread in a darning stitch
Darning stitch body
The feathers are worked freehand in fishbone stitch in DMC Retours d'Alsace which is similar to cotton perle
Fishbone stitch feathers
The eyelet eye is in 60/2 cotton lace thread and the ladder stitch branch is a cotton a broder cordonnet with 50/3 lace thread for the pulled stitches and a single strand of Retours trailed on the outside edge. I have also worked the beak in padded satin stitch with stranded cotton.
Eyelet and ladder stitch 
Now for the tail feathers.........

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  1. It looks fascinating, and it's growing nicely, too...