Sunday, 9 November 2014

A white peacock

I have decided to continue my studies by taking the Royal School of Needlework's Advanced Diploma in Fine Whitework with Tracy A Franklin in Durham. This is worked on 65 count fine linen so it is a challenge to see it let alone work it!

I have actually, rashly maybe, drawn my own design of a stylised peacock inspired by some Indian embroidery. This technique is worked in layers -

Pulled threads

Embroidery patterns on net

The net is then sandwiched between two layers of linen and it is all basted together while you work the rest of your embroidery

Trailing - single thread stranded cotton over 10 core threads

Trailing is worked around the area where your net embroidery is to be exposed to hold it in place without distorting it

Double trailing round the outer edges

Now I can concentrate on the actual peacock.


  1. Will look forward to seeing how you attach the net. Really like the design.

  2. Gillian, the net is already attached where the big stitches are. The scary job next is to cut the linen to expose it